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Through this phased tour, visitors will be able to take a closer look at the Kingdom and experience its renowned tradition of hospitality, and learn about its authentic culture, rich heritage, natural diversity, and promising investment opportunities. All of this and more will be available inside the Saudi Pavilion, an outstanding architectural landmark embodying a bold ambition to shape the world for the better. 


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And learn about the country’s rich heritage, diverse people, vast opportunities, and natural wonders.


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And embark on a journey of discovery with Saudi Seasons to explore the Kingdom's geographical and cultural diversity while learning about the different experiences in every single region, from the flora of Al Bardani Valley in Asir Region to the mighty mountains of Tabuk, and from the dunes of the Empty Quarter in southeastern Saudi to the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea.


Pavilion Events

Pavilion Events

We have a variety of enriching events and discussions in store for you at Saudi Arabia's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, where you will learn about the Kingdom's features and landmarks


  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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October 1st, 2021 - March 31st, 2022

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Stay up to date with the latest news of Saudi Arabia's Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: 08 August 2021 – With less than two months to go, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
pavilion construction
29 November, 2020 – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, which began construction in February 2019, announced today the close of construction and complete readiness for the landmark World Expo – the first in the Arab region - set to take place in October 2021.

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